Please note that Saranam is closely monitoring the current Covid-19 pandemic. Changes to events including re-scheduling, canceling, and going remote will possibly occur. Thank you for your understanding as we all do our best to safely move forward!

Here is a calendar of our upcoming events! To learn more about our events and RSVP, please scroll down. 

Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Apr 24
    Saranam Retreat Center
    Join us to explore new watercolor painting techniques combined with ancient Buddhist practices to express our individual creativity. We will learn about how ancient and modern practitioners and artists use repetition as both prayer and self-expression.
  • Sat, Nov 14
    Saranam Retreat Center
    This is the second part of a workshop begun earlier this year, in which participants have been In guided in making a lovely, soulful book by re-purposing greeting cards, junk mail, and other materials found in most households.
  • Sat, Sep 26
    Saranam Retreat Center
    The animate earth is sending us a wild and sacred call, imploring us to act with great care. For our well-being and that of all our relations, this workshop will offer experiential practices that help us cultivate awareness, compassion, love, and justice in the shared earth community.
  • Sat, Sep 19
    Saranam Retreat Center
    Spend a day exploring the profound effect that Zen has had on the creative spirit in both ancient times and today.
  • Thu, Aug 20
    Saranam Retreat Center
    Focus on audio teachings of Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche IX on the fundamental causes of samsara and how positive desire can propel us forward on the spiritual path. Pujas and meditations facilitated by Lama Jinpa and senior E-Vam students.
  • Sat, Jul 25
    Saranam Retreat Center
    What “soul purpose” would you like to explore and deepen by making a book? It is easier than you ever imagined to make a lovely, soulful book by re-purposing greeting cards, junk mail, and other materials found in most households.
  • Fri, Jun 19
    Saranam Retreat Center
    Celebrate the summer solstice—the height of our active powers—by using SoulCollage®, creative visualization, movement, music, and ceremony to explore and energize our Inner Guardian powers.

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