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People of Saranam

Bruce Harris, Teacher

American born, now living in France, Bruce Harris has been practicing Zen for 35 years. Bruce became a monk in the Rinzai school, then turned to the Sanbô Kyôdan school, studying at San'un Zendo in Kamamura under the direction of Kôun Yamada. Since Yamada Roshi's death in 1989, he has studied with his successors Jiun Kubota and Ryôun Yamada. Bruce has been authorized to teach in this tradition, which combines the Rinzai and Sôtô schools. He is also inspired by his practice of Mahamudra and Dzogchen, taught by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. Very open-minded and interested in all traditions, Bruce allows his students to feel that we’re all on a path together. Bruce is a painter and wood-block artist.

ETC. Whoever wants/makes sense to be on here. Board members, any people in charge of specific functions who might want to be contacted directly rather than through the contact form, anyone who helps define who and what Saranam is (such as "founders")

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