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Linda Stark Scholarships

The practice of generosity is fundamental and integral to the Saranam Retreat Center. In the spirit of this tradition, Saranam is committed to offering scholarship assistance to those who are unable to afford a retreat. 


Money donated to Saranam designated for the Linda Stark Scholarship Fund will be offered to people who need financial help attending programs at Saranam.  The Saranam Retreat Center is a 501C3 nonprofit organization. Donations to Saranam are tax deductible. 


Criteria and Guidelines


Scholarship requests are carefully reviewed. Scholarship amounts will be determined based on financial need and available funds. Due to limited funds, we can not guarantee that every applicant will receive a scholarship. Fees for retreats and workshops are kept as low as possible, and are a major source of income for our Center. The Linda Stark Scholarship is for those who are genuinely unable to afford the listed fee of a particular offering.

Applicants for the scholarship are asked to make a contribution toward the retreat or workshop program cost. The suggested contribution is 50% of full  price, unless this causes hardship. Please apply for a scholarship only if you have a financial need that would otherwise prevent you from attending. Read the information below and then submit a scholarship application that best suits your situation. 

Procedures for applying for the Linda Stark Scholarship

  1. Complete the Scholarship Request Form and email it to  The form can also be picked up at the Saranam Center.

  2. Requests must be received at least 3 weeks before the program starts. Every attempt will be made to respond to the request within 1 to  2 weeks.  We will notify the applicant if more time is needed

  3. Upon approval of your scholarship request, you will be asked to pay the full adjusted amount owed for the program you want to attend in order to confirm your registration and reserve a place in the program.  All cancellation policies will take effect at the time of registration confirmation and payment.




If you need to cancel participation in a program, please do so as early as possible, so that the space may be made available in a timely manner for others to fill the vacancy.

For more information

Contact the Saranam Board of Directors at

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